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Rental Regulations

Rental Regulations
Senior Citizen's Building

CRIS hosts a breakfast program at the Senior Citizens Building.  The kitchen has to comply with Vermilion County Health Department regulations; and as it opens very early, the ladies do not have time to (nor should they have to) clean up after renter parties. Thank you.

  1. Return everything as you found it, including table positioning and table decorations.
  2. Do not enter the cooking area that is roped off -- please keep children out.
  3. Wipe spills and sweep the floor before leaving.
  4. Wipe tables down and check seats for droppings.
  5. Take out all garbage outside and place in receptacle in a tied plastic bag.
  6. Set thermostats back to how you found them*.
  7. Be sure lights and ventilation fans are turned off in the restrooms.
  8. Be sure the front door is locked before you leave out the back.
  9. Drop key in Village Clerk’s door slot on Short Street same day.

*NOTE:  Controls for heat are located on each of 3 units.
Wall thermostat is for central air only!